Light Commercial

- Concrete Saw Cutting

- Retrofit Plumbing Fixtures

- Rerouting and Installing New Plumbing Lines

- Replacement/Repair or Upgrade Fixtures

- Water and Sewer line Installation & Repair

- Tenant Up-fit

- Rough-in and installation of plumbing systems

- Repair and Replacement of Existing Plumbing Fixtures

- Backflow Prevention Repair, Replacement and Certification

Gas Piping

- Licensed to Install up to 2”

- Kitchen Equipment

- Grills

- Gas Fireplace Logs

- Water Heaters

- Furnaces

Certified RPZ/Backflow Prevention Installation/Repair and Certification

- Your RPZ Backflow Preventer has to be certified every year

- Prevents Cross-Contamination

- Residential and Commercial Buildings


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